Iron Nation provides a safe and exciting environment where patrons can enjoy comradely through axe throwing. Young and old, men and women, corporate professionals and professional sportspeople have all agreed that axe throwing is exhilarating and addictive!

Interested in joining our league?

Hone your skills and participate in Iron Nation League play. Players are encouraged to compete in the hopes of becoming the top ranked member. We have scheduled league nights that members attend on a regular basis. You can phone, email or inquire in person at our facility if you would like more information on becoming a league member.

Iron Nation’s Axe Throwing League is a community of friendly, competitive axe throwing enthusiasts. Each league session runs Wednesdays from 7pm-10pm over 8 weeks, 4 or 5 times per year. Skill levels run from “Beginner” to “Expert” and everyone is welcome! Each Wednesday, players play 2 different games against approximately 4 players, with plenty of time for warm-up, practice and skill building. The cost is $115 plus tax per person, for the full 8 weeks.

Iron Nation Axe Throwing League


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All images & content copyright ©
Iron Nation 2015